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Immanuel 365

"Immanuel" 365

Wow! It has been a bit since I have posted anything on the blog here– I will be honest; It seems as though that the grand majority are more attracted to “reels” than reading, but I still like a good old fashioned written encouragement. It is definitely time to dust off of the cobwebs of my mind… and my keyboard… as I have just been incredibly challenged and encouraged lately by the truth “Immanuel, which means “God with us””, from Matthew 1:23. There is something about taking that truth out of the “December” packaging… that brings a peace to my heart and a smile to my face. As a believer in Jesus Christ, a celebrator of His birth, someone who is so thankful of his sacrifice and death on a cross, and one who rejoices over His defeat of sin/death AND His resurrection… why is it so easy for me to forget that because He is alive… He has been, will be, and IS Immanuel 365 days a year? He doesn’t just become “Immanuel” when there is an issue, or I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and have no where else to turn. He doesn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere to save the day. He isn’t waiting and watching from a distance until the last possible minute, just to show me how much of a Hero He is.

He is my “Hero” and He is here, right now, even if I don’t “remember”… - He is Immanuel in the start of a new school year. - He is Immanuel at the end of a season. - He is Immanuel when I am overwhelmed with work. - He is Immanuel when I get all of my projects done with ease. - He is Immanuel in my sleepless nights. - He is Immanuel when I wake refreshed. - He is Immanuel when I need to clean my house. - He is Immanuel when my house is clean. - He is Immanuel in my frustrations. - He is Immanuel when all goes as planned. - He is Immanuel in my sickness and weakness. - He is Immanuel in my feeling healthy and strong. - He is Immanuel in my loneliness. - He is Immanuel when I have time with friends and family. - He is Immanuel when my thoughts are spiraling. - He is Immanuel when I am meditating on His Word. - He is Immanuel when I am crying. - He is Immanuel when I am laughing. - He is Immanuel when I don’t know what to do. - He is Immanuel when I am taking the next step in confidence.

He IS “God With Us”. Since He IS here, in all of these situations (and more), I have to ask myself, “Am I inviting Him in at all times?” Again, to be honest, I am not perfect at this (by no means am I even close to perfect), and in the thick of my 24/7/365, I want (and need) to remember this truth.... He IS with me in every transition – every season – and I can trust Him to be the “Immanuel” which I need so desperately. Just because I am distracted, or my focus is off the mark… doesn’t make Him any less present.

I encourage you to remember, celebrate, and invite “Immanuel” in to your moments. There is no one who loves you more and can give you the direction, peace, hope and JOY like Jesus. Proverbs 6:3 “In all your ways acknowledge (admit, accept, allow, concede, appreciate, recognize, realize, respect, bow to) Him, and He shall direct (lead, show, usher, shepherd, direct, steer, pilot, escort, assist with, lead, advise) your paths.”

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