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"Sign. Me. UP.  God has a special plan for speaker and singer Jenni Thyng. And she has no interest in missing out.

Give Jenni a sink full of dirty dishes, the job of matching a grocery list to the household budget, or presenting to an audience of hundreds…  her resolve remains unscathed.  Not because she’s “Perfect” but because God IS.  This wisdom shapes her passionate approach to life – “JOY in All Seasons”.  Not just joy in the seasons of life that are beautiful, sun-filled days… but also in seemingly cold, alone and dormant times. Jenni truly LIVES to share with others the true hope that lies in Jesus Christ, which yields true JOY. This JOY is a lifeline in every single season of our lives.

A true Prayer Warrior, Jenni is ever-at-the-ready to let battle commence in the name of Christ. With every high and low, spring through winter, you’ll hear her heart’s cry of, “Happiness is an emotion, Joy is a choice!”

No matter which frame of her comic-strip life you happen to read, such as performing artist, banana bread baking wife, mother, bookkeeper, fun-loving friend, or inspirational speaker – Jenni’s batteries are charged by her awesome God with whom she spends her first fruits every morning, and gives the good, the bad, and the downright ugly to every night.  This life-giving, joy-infusing relationship with God is Jenni’s ONLY reason to sing and her absolute JOY to speak to others.

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;

   I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

I will be glad and rejoice in you;

   I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.”  

Psalm 9:1-2

Jenni would be the first in line to admit that her struggles and failures can be redeemed and used for the glory of God. This is where we begin to believe that Jenni actually lives the joy she preaches. This is how we begin to know that Jenni actually walks the talk." ~ M. Fackler


REtreat Speaker...

A time to get away from the everyday "to dos'. A time to RElease, REset, REfocus. and REcharging. Taking these moments to REjuvenate....all while hearing solid Biblical truths through fun, energetic REcalling of sometimes outrageous events that have REAL application, pointing attendees to encouragement regardless of what circumstances they are facing. 

Jenni brings to light our commonalities and our desperate need for Jesus to be our firm foundation in all seasons of life. She is relational, desiring the retreat goers to move forward in their walk with The Lord, increase their understanding of His Word and applying His truth to be able to grow in HIM by digging into God's Word and being authentic.

The topic of each retreat is covered in prayer and filled with Biblical study, long before the event takes place. Jenni enjoys partnering with planning teams, in prayer and planning, to bring Truth and Life into the event time together. 

Prayer is a very important part to everything that surrounds ministry. Jenni is always available to listen, encourage, and PRAY, throughout the retreat. 

Full of substance, humor, music, hope, and JOY - Jenni's passion for the Lord is what will inspire your retreat goers to embark in an invigorating adventure and/or REnewed strength in their walk of faith. 

“We had Jenni as our featured speaker/singer at our Women’s Event in November. Not only did we have more people there then we imagined but each walked away with a different message. Everyone from a 91 year old who commented “I was pleased to have come” to someone who never attends church events, “This was the best evening I’ve had in a long time”. The attention to detail and really working with our Event team to make sure the overall theme was adhered to is something I appreciated as the Event Manager.  I cannot recommend Jenni highly enough for whatever need you may have whether it is speaking or singing.”

~ Angela Larson, Event Manager

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