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Whether it is a festival, ladies' tea, party, concert or banquet, using her four octave range, Jenni is able to sing songs from a wide variety of genres.  Refusing to be typecast - whether the song is from the 1950’s or today, ‘Oldies’, Country, Pop, Broadway or Contemporary Christian she sets her voice to match the feel of the music.  She enjoys eliciting the feelings of her audience, inviting them not only to sit back and relax, but to be involved in the show.  Using humor, fun filled stories and insight the audience is always engaged in a fun filled, powerful display of voice.

Some Melodious Memories Made...


Holidays are the time for getting together, laughing, reminiscing and being thankful for the ‘Reason for the Season’.  Jenni’s wide music selection of carols, as well as old and new favorites adds color and warmth to the exciting array of memories being made.  Sit back, enjoy the twinkle of tinsel and the warmth of some Christmas tea, relax and feel free to sing along to the smooth sounds of Christmas.


Music helps make the memories.  Oftentimes it is a song that is played that brings those memories flooding back of your special day.  While matching the songs to the story, these moments where everything needs to be “just right” are carefully and professionally delivered with the couple’s heart in mind.  From the first meeting and song selection to the performance on the big day, Jenni’s ability to effectively fade into the woodwork and let your memories build and your love unfold is clear.

Performance Coaching

When wanting to leave inhibitions at the wayside, sometimes a little encouragement in the right direction is needed.  Schedule in some time to have fun, enjoy the gift of music and learn key vocal and blocking tools to not just “perform” the song, but make the music your own, memorable and have a lot of laughs along the way.

“We had Jenni as our featured speaker/singer at our Women’s Event in November. Not only did we have more people there then we imagined but each walked away with a different message. Everyone from a 91 year old who commented “I was pleased to have come” to someone who never attends church events, “This was the best evening I’ve had in a long time”. The attention to detail and really working with our Event team to make sure the overall theme was adhered to is something I appreciated as the Event Manager.  I cannot recommend Jenni highly enough for whatever need you may have whether it is speaking or singing.”

~ Angela Larson, Event Manager

National Anthem...

To say that singing the National Anthem is a favorite of Jenni is an understatement.  She believes that the Star Spangled Banner is not just a song that indicates the beginning of a special event; it is a point of honoring the people who have sacrificed to help make this nation great.  To Jenni, there is no greater honor than to sing our country’s anthem in a no frills, powerful way and bring a call of appreciation and gratitude to the hearts of many.  Jenni has sung the anthem through the years for hundreds of events ranging from high school to Major League sports, from memorial services to air shows and more.  Thankful for the many opportunities and the memorable people met along the way, she looks forward to continuing to use her voice to remind others of the freedoms that were fought for and those who have bravely fought that fight.

Jenni Singing at a MN TWINS Game "God Bless "America". 
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