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                Not who The "World" Tells you Are- But who the Lord says you are.

“We have worked with Jenni at our ministry for several years now. It is unusual to bring back the same vocalist for a yearly event, but we keep getting requests to do just that! Jenni not only has an amazing voice, but is an amazing person to work with. She takes her role in our annual event very seriously and considers our needs in balance with her skills. Over and over our attendees tell us they want to hear more from her! We know Jenni doesn’t just come to the event well prepared, but also bathes everything in deep prayer. That is very important to the outcome! One year our sound booth had a big hiccup and the back-up track stopped. Jenni finished the song a cappella (with no music or accompaniment) and it was breathtaking! No one has forgotten that year. Simply put, Jenni has become a staple for us. We just can’t do without her!

~ Gina Kennedy, Executive Director, The Pregnancy Resource Center of Cambridge


    JOy Is Knowing Your TRUE Identity...

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