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When the "Newness" wears off...

Here I sit in front of my PC, writing thoughts, sometimes staring at the blinking cursor - trying to get my thoughts out of my mind and off of my heart and through my fingers... thoughts that have been constant. Such as: This is still the beginning of January but it no longer feels like a "New Year"... much of what was postponed due to the Holiday weeks has to be done and many of the same tasks have been continued. At the start there is a feeling of peace in the "familiar", still there is that drive - that desire - to do something different, to change things up...yet we can be at this point feeling... well... blah.

Having the New Year, for many, is a time to look over their lives and make changes, set new habits while getting rid of the old ones - which is easy at the start of something "New" but not so easy as the days continue to go by, with all of busyness that it holds, so many possible directions to take, so many things to do.... this can leave one indecisive, immovable, and discontented.

I am no different.

My ideas of what would come at the start of 2019 were realistic, and JUST required a change in my normal routine... easier said than done... which is why I take the time, however much time it takes, to look over this life, this schedule, these opportunities and pray because I KNOW that in surrendering my all to The Lord, He will direct my steps, in His timing, for the glory of His Great Name... and that, regardless of the date or how "new" this year feels, is all that really matters.

I encourage you to do the same. Take the time - daily - to surrender your everything to The Lord. Make this your "new" routine.

Proverbs 3:6 (NLT) "Seek his will in ALL you do, and HE will show you which path to take."

Although this is not a "new" idea, it does bring about some "new" growth in each of us.

Don't allow the comfort of what has always been or the guilt that you can no longer achieve that "New Year Resolution" define you... This is a NEW day. This is a NEW moment. Make it a point to seek The Lord in it and He WILL guide you into and through what "NEW" He has for You!

So, what is coming in 2019 for me? So many exciting opportunities - areas where I KNOW I am going to be stretched and pulled... and have growth.... a lot of Newness. I will share more about my word for this year, the scripture behind it, all while living out loud this entire 2019 through!

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