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Capturing Each Moment - PS 139 Photography

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

~ Psalm 139: 13-14

Photographs - something that if I can avoid being in - you can better believe that I will find that shrub to hide behind, suddenly "remember" what I forgot in the other room, or will be volunteering to do what would be the equivalent of a weeks' worth of dishes at a large family gathering. I just don't care to be part of it - I love looking at and remembering everyone else caught in the photo, and can even recall what the event was and my part in it - I don't know why... but I would just. rather. not.

You can tell me that the pictures aren't for me - they are for my kids, my family, my friends - and that is generally when you will, albeit begrudgingly, get me in front a camera. YEP - I could give a thousand reasons and arguments to support my A.W.O.L status - but the fact is that pictures ARE important! They are treasures! Why? Because YOU are valuable - and so am I. What is captured in these photographs is not just a face, we capture a glimpse of a personality, a special moment, fashion, circumstances... in short... a photograph compartmentalizes LIFE.

I know that WE are all fearfully and wonderfully made - in fact it is one of my favorite things to speak on - each of us is valuable. WHY??? Just because God says that it is so! He knew you before you were born and he delights in His creation. You are more valuable than you could ever imagine... in fact you are CUSTOM made...He chose for you your nose, eyes, shape, hair type, skin color, your talents, I could go on and on... AND since He doesn't make mistakes, it is pretty difficult to deny how incredibly creative He is!

When you start to think about some of the things that make you, YOU, and then start your laundry list of complaints... start to criticize.. and in any other way berate His artistry, I would ask you to keep THIS in mind...

You are HIS beautiful masterpiece. Treat yourself like it.

(And I am totally talking to myself here too...)

So don't hide behind the camera - get some candid shots in front of it or better yet - orchestrate a family session - capture the beauty of His creation of you and what surrounds your life!

I highly recommend using the talents of Jen Jenson at PS 139 Photography ( ) - she works with these truths in mind and has the gift of making who you are shine through. Trust me - it wasn't just painless - it was fun! Having a photographer who is seeing you through the eyes of someone who knows, and is praising, our Creator - that sees the beauty of HIS masterpiece in YOU - you can anticipate that the beauty of what He started in you will not only be captured, but will RADIATE!

If you are curious about the family shoot, you can check them out here:

"Lord, Your works are wonderful! I thank you for each person reading this today - May they remember that because of Who You are, they are beautifully crafted and loved. Turn our eyes and hearts to you, Oh Lord, and encourage each one of us., Amen."

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