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March... the only month with an order!

I have been contemplating all that I NEED to get done - so many "Needs" but when I look at each item on the list - instead of getting overwhelmed, I start to pray…

"Lord, show me what must be done and when it must to be done. Take my every moment, day, week, month, and year, navigate my heart, mind and attention. I trust You."

It never fails that when I stop and change my focus, allowing the Lord to direct my thoughts and my steps, I, in turn, stop seeing"Needs" and start viewing each step as an "Opportunity" and in this the landscape changes - I realize that I have the opportunity to speak encouragement into my children's hearts, as I teach today. I have the opportunity to shine for The Lord while I am running errands! The list goes on and on - and with each opportunity, instead of "have to’s" and drudgery I am blessed with an bubbling fountain of praise! Praise for the Lord’s provision. Praise for dishes to wash, which means we ate. Praise for the laundry that needs to be done, which means we have clothes. Praise for people in the store, which means that we are still able to be used by God in the lives of others. Seriously! With Praise comes Compassion – for those that do not have what I have whether materially, physically, or spiritually and it causes me to want to ... well.. MARCH!

There will be lot of changes are happening in our household in the next few weeks/months (some long term, some short term) but in this heartfelt prayer - I am unshaken and standing firm on His promises. I will not be crushed, abandoned, depressed, overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, or helpless... I will be taking each "Opportunity" with sure footing, MARCHING forward in peace, and with excited anticipation of what each step brings me to, as His Faithfulness brings me through, and with the desire to be useful in His plan to reach others... and there is JOY in that!

I encourage you to pray, listen, and move on what He shows you - every day... surrender it all to The Lord…it will change your attitude, your heart, your life AND will help you see those “Needs” as “Opportunities”, to MARCH with confidence - SO THAT you can shine for, testify of, and encourage others through, HIM... and have unspeakable JOY with every step!


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