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"He will sustain you."

It happens to most of us, I suppose, where at some point life seems to be going by too quickly. Where you suddenly realize that you haven’t spoken to THAT friend, or when was the last time that I checked in on THAT neighbor, or written THAT note of encouragement… or maybe posted on THAT blog...;)

Regardless of the “what” – it is the “why” that is so common. There simply gets to be too much on the “plate” and suddenly, there is a list of “I wish I would have…” and “I can’t believe I didn’t…” UGH!!!

We have heard it said that “There are only so many hours in the day.” Well, that’s true. Only 24 – that’s it. You can’t beg, borrow or steal more time. No amount of wishing or hoping can squeeze in a 25th. We all have the same amount in a day and when that is gone – a new day has dawned. Such a “Duh” point – but why then does it always seem to take me by surprise how quickly a day, week, or year goes by?

I tend to get so wrapped up in the “Did Not’s” and the “Could Not’s” and then get overwhelmed (there is that word again) by the seeming failures and what’s worse – even getting caught up in the tizzy of the “What Is Yet To Come” category. I write this from just such a place. So many terrific things on the calendar, though not one of them is easy and it just isn’t difficult to lose momentum and energy - Ya know what I mean?

Just today after church a dear friend walked up to me and out of the blue, and before I could even greet her, said something that returned my focus to where, and more importantly, WHO it should be on.

She said “He will sustain you.”

That’s it. Those 4 words.

Oh, how I needed those words and The Lord knew it. “He will sustain you.” The days can seem short or can seem long but this truth remains – every moment of this 24 “He will sustain you.”

Isaiah 46:4 says “Even in your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you. I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

No matter what is done or left undone – He WILL sustain you and I- when we re-direct our focus- stop stewing and start pursuing Him. He doesn’t say that He MAY sustain… He WILL sustain. He WILL carry. He WILL rescue. He IS that strong. He IS that caring. He IS that faithful.

This is what I am going to chew on as I face this new day and new week that is just peaking over the horizon.

My goal is that no matter what, I am keeping my eyes on The Lord – The I AM – The One Who Will Sustain Me.

I am passing on this encouragement to each and every reader as it is another one of God’s promises that I don’t take lightly. I needed to be reminded – to hear someone else saying it to me – maybe you do too.

Be encouraged!

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