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Successful Obedience or Obedient Success

No matter how to the letter I am – no matter if all of the “I”s are dotted or the “T”s crossed – No matter how hard I try – I just cannot control everything… the older I get the more I realize that I can’t control MOST things… Circumstances, people’s reactions, interest rates, the weather, etc. – the list is really endless. Funny how accepting that reality, as a believer, can be freeing and bring about a healthy dose of heart reflection at the same time. When we are doing what we are supposed to do, what we are created to do, and for the right purpose – the human nature would see that as being the perfect formula for success. However, that is not the kind of success we are meant to experience – although once in a while it is nice … But lets face it – being obedient does not mean that the outcome will be precisely as you expect it. Actually, “obedient success” is measured in growth in relationship with The Lord and Trust in His Faithfulness rather than earthly materials and popularity. What’s more “successful obedience” is a building block to testimony that will not bring glory to my name - but to His. This can be difficult to remember, especially in the tough times, but is oh so sweet when you get past the trials and are able to look back and see what has happened because of following the path laid out for you – and even though it most likely did not end where you thought it would – it is always an amazing sight! I am not perfect, not by far, but knowing that my stumble is not the end of the road, is an encouragement to my heart and helps me to re-engage in the journey down that path. There will always be choices to make. May you choose the path He has laid before you that will grow your faith, strengthen your stride, and be fruitful!

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