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Yeah, that's great but...

Rarely, and I mean RARELY, do I have overwhelming excitement about something going on or something that has happened. Call it what you will, but I am pretty even keeled when it comes to moments - then again my level of excitement on everyday life is a bit high from the get go...

I was doing an interview with a reporter recently and the question came up, "What has been one of your most memorable experiences when performing?" In other words - tell me something that you are super excited about... Do you know that I had a difficult time coming up with ONE thing? ONE!!!

It is not that I haven't had some amazing experiences - but they are in the past... So, I started checking the files of my mind, hoping for a "Google Search" looking for anything that started with "Yeah, there was that time..." or "When that..." (insert crickets chirping) Blank. Nothing. There is really nothing wrong with my memory - in fact, I choose to remember not the WHAT but THE WHO.

Long ago I realized that when I live in the past, I miss out on what I can do in the present and that will stunt my future growth and where I will go next... it isn't as complex as it sounds...

This mindset/heart change goes for the good, the bad and the indifferent. I surrender it all to THE ONE who holds all of my days, all of my moments, and is guiding my footsteps as He walks me through them with grace, wisdom, and yes, most importantly, forgiveness.

Isaiah 43:18-19 says: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

We are encouraged to not dwell in what has been ... because He is going to do something NEW. When we surrender to, put our faith and trust in, and are obedient to The Lord - The Creator of All..Now THAT is exciting... an adventure, really. This isn't about throwing decisions to the wind - this is about surrendering my/your everything in our relationship with The Only One who can make beauty out of ashes. I prefer beauty, don't you?

I am not who I was 10 years ago, 3 months ago, 1 day ago... you get the picture... But since what I have done can't define me - I want what I am doing and what I will do be a reflection of Who gives me the very breath to sing, to praise, to speak - to live.

I will say it again... "Yeah, that's great but... what is He going to do with me today?"

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