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The Secret Is Out...

The secret is out... I love people. I love crowds. I love just visiting with one person. I love challenging people. I love easy going people. I love frustrated people. I love people who laugh. I love people who cry. I love people that sing along. I love people who don't. I love people with special needs. I love sick people. I love healthy people. I love old people. I love young people. Yep. Tonight I am reminded how much I love people.

Now - to be honest... I don't LIKE all people... But truth be told, it is very rare that I would dislike a person forever. Most of the time I can find one good thing to focus on... to like... and more importantly - if I CAN'T... then I do what I should have done in the first place.... Check my own heart as to the "why". (Sigh)

Bad first impressions, or off putting moments... rarely are all on the other person. Let's be real here... sometimes it is ME that has the wrong attitude that needs to be adjusted. I remember growing up and having my parents say "Attitude Adjustment." and my brother and I just KNEW that that wasn't a request... (If it was REALLY serious it would be "Attitude Adjustment. NOW.")

Today was a day filled with opportunities to be pressured or rushed - or to have reason to focus on the negative... not because of people... but it was just THAT day... a day where most things were just going "wrong" and in most everything I was doing “attitude adjustments" more than I would like to admit - and yes, this day was filled with people - Great people. People that came to listen and be entertained at an event that I was doing. People who were looking for JOY. People wanting to be a part of something that reminded them that they had value. I will say this... for a moment I forgot that Light travels faster than sound... I know... proven fact... but think about it.... LIGHT TRAVELS FASTER THAN SOUND.

If I was to let the "pressure" of time or the little frustrations of my hair or ... well... anything... take the focus off of shining for HIM - those people that I love... more importantly, the people that The Lord Loves... would have missed out on the Light.

We have heard it said before that we need to "Share the love of Jesus, and if necessary use words." haven't we?

The secret is out, peeps, people are looking for His Light to shine... they are watching for it... and they are watching you and I to shine, to show them that we love because He First Loved Us. Don’t let a circumstance dim His light in YOU! After that memory jog as to what this life is really about - what being in front of, walking side by side with, supporting, holding, or encouraging others is for - let me tell you this... THIS was a really good day. No matter how it started - the finish has been amazing! We’re talking singing hymns because they were requested(where which this is taboo) , praying with people, encouraging the broken, making the serious laugh (and even sing)…it was THAT kind of a good day.... and my heart is filled!

I know that I will always need to be mindful of the attitude adjustments, to not block His Light (Hey! I am only human!) But what a comfort to know that I don't have to make that adjustment on my own! If you find yourself feeling dim and needing to shine... pray. ASK for it. ASK Him to shine through you so that those watching can see Him and then with His help and direction do the "Attitude Adjustment." Those people that you are supposed to love will see and who knows... maybe, just maybe... it will change their day, maybe even their life... and yours.

Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."

Shine on my friends He isn't finished with you - in fact... Each day is a whole new beginning!

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