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Planes, Plans, & Patience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an airplane in your garage for 4 years... well - let me tell you, it is a real "trip" (Ha, ha, ha)

Long story short - We were delivered a small plane - with the plan of fixing it up (my hubs can fix anything and in this case is trained for the task) - and although our plans always seem to make sense or fall into the our "perfect" timeline there are plenty of variables that would disrupt the optimum "Point A to Point B" clear line - let's be real here, sometimes I end up at "Point X" and haven't got a clue how, when, where, or why.

There sat this perfectly good, albeit in pieces, airplane which with the sound plan in would seem that all we would need would be the time (and when I say "we"... yeah).

Isn't that the way life goes sometimes? Plans change, things happen... resources get re-allocated, interest rates fluctuate, the dog has the sniffles (Just seeing if you are still reading)... and for one reason or another the plans, those perfectly laid plans, are... kaput.

All is not lost, however - The problem is that we tend to focus on our plans and our time - when we really can't control much of it. The real "Perfect Plan" is not ours at all. Proverbs 16:3 says: "Commit to The Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." The only way to succeed in everything is to allow HIM to be the drafter of what will be. Keep in mind that The Lord's "Success" may look different than ours. Often it looks like a mess to me - but that is because I am focusing on the smaller piece rather than the big picture, I am focusing on MY will instead of HIS WILL.

Plans not working out? Receive and Give yourself some grace here - and here is a word of advice - don't get so wrapped up in what isn't... have patience and be thankful for WHAT IS. In that letting go of control you are opening yourself up to some amazing opportunities, and you can enjoy the moments so much more!

So, what about that plane? Great question... so glad you asked... some terrific friends of ours are housing it for now... and there is a near completed bed frame in its place. (He can't just fix things he can build them too!:) The plans for the plane and thus the lesson on patience- priceless. I know that the real "perfect" time will come someday... in the meantime - I will continue to be thankful - and there is much JOY in that!

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