The Real Thyng

Jenni Thyng is a high energy, powerful vocalist and speaker, who loves to bring light and life to all her performances. Whether her music is reverberating from the roof tops of stadiums or resonating through the halls of coffee shops or shopping malls, her passion for living out True Joy through her performances and her life is clear.
Jenni has been singing since the age of 4. While growing up in the rural communities of Grasston and Braham, MN, she was blessed with many opportunities to share her voice singing for numerous organizations, churches, in radio and television spots and for sports fans.
Music theater is a favorite for Jenni who has performed in many off Broadway/Community theater shows. Coupling with her music, Jenni has had the opportunity to speak for groups/churches on a variety of topics.
When not performing, Jenni enjoys spending time with her family, being in The Word, homeschooling her two children, playing guitar, cooking, baking and laughing – lots of laughing!

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